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Industry Veterans 
MEC CNC Machines
Anthony & Elle Usher

Anthony and Elle Usher, veterans of the engine machining industry, have formed MEC CNC Machines, based in California, USA.

“Our goal is to bring precision engine machining equipment to a broad range of customers servicing internal combustion engines,” explained Anthony Usher. “Our clients rely on versatile equipment for manufacturing, modifying and rebuilding engines and related components. They can rely on us to help them select what’s best for their needs.

Combining the skilled hands of a master craftsman, the analytical expertise of a mechanical engineer and the savvy creativity of a marketing guru, Anthony Usher is uniquely skilled to expand the business footprint of MEC CNC and reach its partners with application-specific solutions. Usher understands the significance of experience in the machine industry. MEC was established over 40 years ago as a company dealing in automotive machinery, technical expertise and training in the automotive industry in Southern Africa - today the same commitment and dedication is a worldwide resource, based in Southern California.

Usher has worked IN the industry as a machinist and engine builder and FOR the industry, representing some of the most recognizable names. His hands-on expertise coupled with his search for solutions have helped create some of the machining industry's most recognizable tools.

"At MEC CNC, we're more than 'consultants,'" Usher explains. "We're here to be an actual partner with your business, helping to solve machining challenges, improve shop operations and be a conduit through which users and suppliers can have beneficial conversations on improving shop operations."

Of course, promising the best in customer service isn’t necessarily the same as delivering it, but MEC CNC has the benefit of Elle Usher’s skill as well. With more than 30 years of experience serving the worldwide machine tool audience, Elle Usher brings a solid degree of customer service and the assurance of a financial expert. She represents the company at events and will ensure that whatever question you have is answered quickly, confidently and accurately.

MEC CNC is the exclusive East USA distributor for Robins Cylinder Head Machines and Equipment and will be announcing additional distribution relationships soon.

For more information on the company’s products and capabilities, visit MECCNC.COM; or search LinkedIn and Facebook for MEC CNC.

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